Event Life Cycle Management

Technology Marketer Challenge:

Events can be valuable and predictable lead-generation tools for technology vendors bringing complex innovative products to the market. We've all seen lead-generation campaigns that produce truckloads of leads, only a fraction of which end up being useful. FeedAbo is in the business of producing results beyond lead volume. Its proven services ensure superior lead quality and ROI over long term.

FeedAbo Delivers the Answer:

By partnering with FeedAbo, our ISV and SaaS clients have been able to bring software products to market months ahead of their competitors, gain up to 3x marketing effectiveness, productivity, and lead quality, and reduce their cost of marketing.

Marketing Audit - Webinar Maturity Assessment
Promotional Plan - Campaign Schedule
- Profiling (Define Ideal Customer, Qualified Lead)
- Scoring Questionnaire
- ROI Metrics
Media Plan - Media Plan. Placement, In-House List Pulling
Pre-event Deliverables - Dedicated Account Manager/Dedicated Team
- Weekly Status Report
- Speaker Communication/ Rehearsals
- Professional Event Announcer
Pre-event Creative Development - Event Logo/Graphic/Promotional Copy
- Email Campaign (Confirmation, Reminders, Registration, Follow-up)
- RSVP Call Reminders (Script Development)
Microsite Deliverables  - Landing Page
- Branded Registration Microsite
Event Marketing - Email/Direct Mail Messaging
- Lead Scoring
- Qualification Calls to Clicks with no Registrations
- RSVP Call Reminders
- Real-time Click-through Reporting
Post-event Deliverables - Reconciliation of Registrants vs. Attendees
- Real-time Access to Pipeline, Export into MS Excel
- Pre-built integrations links to Salesforce.com, Goldmine, Act! and SugarCRM.
- Post-event Executive Report
Additional Services - Lead Nurturing
- Survey Marketing Production
- Event Archiving

"My in-house sales team began receiving high-scored leads just five days after we began working with FeedAbo. I'm satisfied with the results, especially the response/scoring mechanism and quality of nurturing."

Julia Guzman, VP of ISV Marketing, Altoros Systems, Inc.